Born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, Courtney has always been treading the line between creativity and logic, the right and the left brain, and has seen no reason to indulge just one of those seemingly opposite paths in life. While imagining and creating have always been an integral part of her life, so too was the desire to understand. A mathematics-based background taught her that there are definable patterns to the seeming chaos around us, and further exploration of her imagination taught her that there are certain patterns that apply to and help us understand all of what we experience. Courtney explores these patterns in her work: the cycle of life and death. Fullness and emptiness. Root to bud to flower to seed back to root.  Being and nonbeing. The transition from winter to summer and back again. Earth to air to fire to water and back to earth. The inhale and the exhale. She seeks to honor the full spectrum of these cycles in her work: the dark, the light, and the nuanced spaces in between. As a tattooer, she gratefully works the magic of helping others commemorate their own personal journey through these various continua.