• Leave your bandage on until told by your artist. We typically recommend that you leave your bandage on for 4-24 hours. Your artist knows which length of time is best for your particular piece. DO NOT RE-BANDAGE YOUR TATTOO.

  • Wash your tattoo after removing the bandage

  • Wash your hands well, and carefully remove the bandage. Wash your tattoo by gently patting and brushing off warm water and fragrance-free liquid soap. This removes any dried blood and aftercare ointment your artist applied. Use a clean paper towel to dry your tattoo by gently patting it.

Continue to do this for 2 weeks after being tattooed, twice a day.

  • After 2-3 days, begin applying lotion to your tattoo.

  • After cleansing and drying your tattoo, apply a very thin layer of an unscented lotion. Your artist can give you recommendations. Continue to do this for 4 weeks.

  • Your tattoo will scab and flake, DO NOT PICK IT. Picking at your tattoo can cause fading and increase the chance of an infection. If your tattoo itches, slap it, NEVER scratch it.

  • Do NOT expose your new tattoo to the sun. Keep your new tattoo covered with a clean article of clothing for three weeks.

  • Do NOT exercise with a fresh tattoo, especially a full color piece.

  • Stay away from water! Do NOT submerge/soak your tattoo for AT LEAST 2 weeks. No swimming or taking baths. Showers are fine.

  • Do NOT let anyone touch your new tattoo, and make sure you are only touching it with clean hands. Anything that touches your tattoo (sheets, clothing, skin, etc.) should be freshly clean. Wash your tattoo directly after any contact with contaminated areas.

  • Keep your new tattoo away from any pets/animals.

  • Continue to keep your tattoo happy, even after its healed! Always wear sun lotion, and keep the tattoo moisturized.